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2019 New Year's Eve Party Was Successfully Held

2019 New Year's Eve Party Was Successfully Held


"Brilliant GKGD dream, meet again and set sail"

As the years change, the old age is rejoiced with joy and laughter.

On the evening of December 30th, the Group's publicity department held a large-scale 2019 New Year's Eve Party in the Group's Sunshine Hall. Lu Jianhong(vice chairman of the group), Zhang Ting(general manager of Huajie), Zhao Qiuling(general manager of Huarui), Fu Guihua(general manager of Huaxing), and Wang Yong(general manager of Hongyuan) attended the evening party.

Many All a. Guests that night, everyone's enthusiasm high. The company party kicked off in a cheerful dance, and everyone welcomed the new year together. Here there are solo programs such as "Young Battlefield", sitcom "Passing Love"; Dance "what makes you beautiful"; Skit "Happiness Today"; Recitation "Walking Forward" and other exciting programs, lively and festive atmosphere infected the audience at the stage won applause.

In addition to the brilliant programs, there are some games, such as red envelopes and lottery draws at the company night party. There are also mobile games such as monkeys on the tree and horse racing for everyone to actively participate in. The winners all received prizes. In addition, the Group’s Propaganda Department also set up lucky first, second and third prizes.

As the raffle draw ended, the company night party also came to an end, and one "Flying Diary of Love" song put a happy ending to 2019 year. The lingering bell reverberates in the earth, and the sound of beautiful songs echoes in the ears. Unconsciously, the brand new 2020 has come to us.

In the new year, we will continue to pursue the creation, exploration and practice of GKGD; In the new journey, let us continue to work hard, fight, and move forward bravely!

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