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5 Big Advantages To Protect The led Display In Rainy Season

5 Big Advantages To Protect The led Display In Rainy Season


With the coming rainy season, how to make sure the waterproof and moisture-proof the LED display? From the device to the production process, GKGD LED display manufacturer has gathered five major advantages to protect your big screen!


1. Self-encapsulated lamp beads

We all know that high-quality lamp beads are the basis for effective moisture resistance. With the advantages of the complete industrial chain, the lamp beads of our GKGD LED modules are all supplied internally with quality assurance.

2. Process

In order to isolate the ubiquitous water vapor in the air, strict protection has been done on the LED outdoor modules. On the basis of the three-proof paint on the PCB board on the back of the module, a "point spray" process is added, and the front of the module is treated with a strict potting glue, and the pins of the lamp bead are sealed with silica gel, especially for some gaps and edge areas. 

3. Kits

The kits of the module is designed with a water guide groove and a water leak hole. The water leak hole is opened at the lowest end of the arc to prevent leaking water from contacting the PCB. Rainwater can be effectively and regularly discharged through the sink, which effectively reduces the probability of damage to the LED display.

4. Detection

Relying on the national CNAS testing center, strict quality control is implemented on kits, modules, ICs, PCBs, and cabinets. The extreme natural environment is simulated in the optoelectronic laboratory, and LED modules are sampled indoors at -20℃~60℃. Outdoor -40℃~80℃ temperature shock test, 85℃ high temperature test, 85% high humidity test, water spray test, salt spray test, etc. Aging for 8 hours at the maximum power at room temperature before shipment. Special conditions are strictly screened for an additional 8 hours of aging each time to ensure the good working performance and technical status of the LED modules and components.

5. Packaging

When packaging, stack the two modules in a PE bag with silica gel desiccant, and use physical moisture absorption to reduce and isolate

If have any question, please contact GKGD LED display China, who has achieved as one of the largest led screen and display production bases through the vertical integration of the supply chain, ranging from LED encapsulation, SMT and PCBA, fixture manufacturing, to module/cabinet assembly.

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