5 g commercial open, LED display how to embrace the 5 g?

by:GKGD     2020-06-24
October 31, in 2019 China international exhibition on information and communications at the opening ceremony, deputy minister of industry and information technology, Chen Zhaoxiong with China telecom, China mobile, China unicom, China tower houses, chairman of the commercial launch of 5 g. 5 g commercial has been launched, many industries have took advantage of a wave of 5 g dongfeng fusion with 5 g, so in our LED display industry LED display 5 g commercial road how far is it? The advent of the era of 5 g, bring a lot of industry enormous opportunities for development. So 5 g for LED display means huge opportunities for development? On July 24, 2019 in macroblock & other; International symposium on 2919 macroblock LED display & throughout; , general manager of macroblock Chen Qikai said 5 g for the current many LED display, at least for now. In some ways, the advent of the era of 5 g for LED display not only has nothing to do but will let the LED display industry faced with greater challenges. 5 g era development will form a pattern of interconnection of all things, all things connected pattern formation of many resources can realize real-time sharing, LED display as traditional display terminal carrier will because everything connected pattern formation have been replaced in many places, such as the LED display screen display information is needed in the ETC may only need a mobile phone can realize information sharing. 5 g era all interconnected will cut the increment in the field of LED display in some markets. 5 g as a new technology in the amount of data transmission will be breaking wide limits, LED display can not realize the data transmission in the past, will be easy in front of 5 g, it's image quality put forward higher requirements for LED display, the screen will be more and more high resolution requirements. Future LED display in 5 g not only to achieve rapid transmission of data, more to realize the clear display of the image quality. LED display 5 g + 8 k will be a development trend in the future. All 4 k display need resolution is 3840 & times; Need to screen resolution is 7680 & 2160, 8 K times; 4320 how will we see the real picture of rendering on the LED display is we are going to face the challenge. Challenges and opportunities coexist. LED display industry, if not the challenges into opportunities, so the advent of the era of 5 g, will not make sense for the LED display industry. In the face of the advantages of low latency, 5 g LED display industry to explore current in 5 g mainly reflected on the quality of clarity. The future more and more hd quality need to go through the LED display the display terminal. Video processor manufacturers as if also gives a solution of 5 g + 8 k. LED display industry the opportunity not only limited in terms of 5 g in high-definition, is more of a LED display in the future more as in 5 g. The current 4 g signal more join in WIFI manner, 5 g to achieve connectivity must be required to achieve a higher coverage. Li - based on LED optical characteristics came into being Fi technology, the LED light, infrared or ultraviolet light as the transmission medium. Compared with Wi - Li - Fi technology Fi transmission speed faster, and can avoid electromagnetic interference. Under the tide of 5 g, if can play to the advantages of the LED optical communication, 5 g applications of full color LED display, may be much more easily. , of course, the advantages of LED display features need to be continually dug up to grasp the development opportunity of the 5 g. Second, the advent of the era of 5 g, means in the LED display industry will be faced with new business environment. 5 g and LED display integration would lead to the new LED display burst into life. On the 70th anniversary of National Day party LED display and algorithms fusion, let's see, even an ordinary LED display can be on the stage, by the actor's action, transfer out the impressive display. 5 g era, LED display industry and will promote 5 g applications in what way? This is a new subject in our industry. 5 g and LED display integration to expand the application of LED display border. The advent of the era of everything connected to the LED display screen to become information. Finally, the LED display industry by 5 g information access, many LED display need to be replaced with hd display screen to display, LED display market will continue to replace or install more hd display LED display, the arrival of the 5 g will prompt comprehensive optimization of LED display in industry. The arrival of the 5 g, LED display related enterprises have been actively explore various feasibility of the scheme are put forward. LED chip maker three Ann went on 5 g chip research and development, and has achieved the supply. Video processor manufacturers as if also gives a solution of 5 g + 8 k. Packaging manufacturer dongshan precision increased 5 g industry layout to raise huge sums Multek5G high-speed hf high density PCB technology reform. LED display enterprise as a whole should carefully study the application of full color LED display industry chain end and middle enterprises put forward on the industrial chain of solution, a combination of factors LED display industry is put forward in the field of 5 g the feasibility of the solution, not only the eye of the concept of limitation and the 5 g hype, only in this way can LED display business in 5 g win the greater development opportunities. Warm prompt: in the premium content sharing, part of the article from the network, please let us know if there is any infringement, we are handled in the first place!
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