70th birthday is coming! Best LED display to the motherland!

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
With China's National Day is coming, more and more festive with all. More another light show, to the motherland deeply, the light show of the shenzhen citizen center launched a 'National Day edition of' starting from September 20 until October 15 for 26 days non-stop; Put on red to open late on September 24, guangzhou 'I love you China' to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China light show; On September 26, Beijing zhongguancun, the Olympic park, wangjing, merged into a river of red light to show the motherland leisurely affectionate. Provide, building shining light and shadow of the night sky, for the urban night scene, add a bright spot in the science and technology are very patriotic theme in the light show, we see the people all over the country do deep feeling and sincere wishes for the country, also witnessed the new achievements in urban construction all over the country, a lit LED display unlimited business opportunities. Deduce animation performance by building LED display light show, can be found in many cities in recent years, can say, urban landscape lighting has become a new fashion, a growing number of cities especially popular tourist cities began to attaches great importance to the urban landscape lighting, including guangzhou, chongqing and other popular tourist cities are slowly feel the prominent role of designs city-lighting project. The government in order to promote the urbanization construction, will have urban landscape lighting engineering, as the key to make the city a third new business CARDS. And as an important position in designs city-lighting project LED display market, certainly also became the * big beneficiaries. Data show that in 2018 the global landscape lighting market is close to 300 billion yuan, of which more than 70 billion yuan, the Chinese market has become the world * big landscape lighting market, the future demand is big. There is little doubt that urban landscape lighting of large market for full color LED display industry has brought considerable industry value, nowadays, urban landscape construction is more and more tall, high-rise buildings springing up everywhere, the grandeur of the building construction cost for appearance of the city level. But it is only a cold wall already cannot satisfy the demand of the urban landscape, build the night scenery of the city design make the city has become the pursuit of advanced international city. And city lighting is no longer as before only a few rounds in bringing around the circumference article LED lights, although have the effect of the lighting, but is lack of the flavor of beauty. Creative display, outdoor buildings light show and working surroundings, instantly make the night scenery of the city appearance level up several class at the same time, also let transparent screen, grille, LED screen become hot, to the downstream side of the LED display market has brought more applications, also has brought more opportunities.
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