A common solutions to problems of LED display control card

by:GKGD     2020-04-24
The importance of a control card, LED display control full color LED display control card is the core component of LED graphic display, is mainly responsible for receiving information from computer serial port showed, in frame memory, according to the partition method of generating the serial display data needed for the LED display and scanning sequence control. We from the word 'core components' can see the importance of full color LED display control card. This article shenzhen LED full color factory will to introduce the LED display control card common solutions to problems. LED display control card using the common problems in general can be divided into: display, communication problems, functional requirements, the solution trilogy: press test ( Measuring power and wiring connection) , a serial port communication point software switch machine ( Port and communication lines) , disconnect the power supply and so on all the lights on the bead out again after electricity ( Initialization) 。 Second, display problem solution 1, under normal operation of control card, why no display or abnormal brightness? A: control card connected to the display driver after electrify, 16 scan by default, if no display, please check the data in the control software polarity and OE set is correct; If there is a brightness is unusual, particularly bright, said OE set backwards, please OE set correctly. 2, why information after loading, the display screen can't display properly? A: check the full color LED display control card Settings 'in the scan output option is correct. 3, send, after the success, the display screen display flowers, gibberish, regular mobile ( Don't see words) 吗? Answer: the typical way of scanning choose wrong, half outdoor, outdoor 4 usually sweep, 16, indoor car screen 8 sweep, and changed in the Settings screen to save and sent successfully. 4, after the success of the send, display appear across the bright line, a few bright 1 done that? A: row against the line direction, press test ( Found on control card) , this kind of situation general switch is not moving, the connection on one end of the and control card, in turn, even if that's ok.
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