About the choose and buy of cost-effective LED electronic display screen tips

by:GKGD     2020-04-18
Welcome to the league's photoelectric LED display interactive platform, haven't to share with you for a long time. Rare today to meet with you, today is mainly to share how to choose a suitable for your business of full color LED display, how to choose and cost-effective LED electronic display screen, please look down: in general, should be based on the characteristics of different LED display, combined with the actual needs of users, select the appropriate screen. For the station, wharf, a big market exit, the elevator traffic guide, use phi is 5. 0 monochrome screen. A font clear, low prices and advantages of the fleet of control. For the Banks, shopping malls and other occasions to show corporate image, advertising, such as application, asked the price is low, use phi is 3. 75 double colors display screen. Effect on the requirements, and the use of phi 5 full color displays. For the hall area is a big occasion to use phi 5 double colors display screen. Effect on the requirements, and the use of phi 1 o full color displays. For Banks, postal services, telecommunications and other business hall window function definition, method of use of stickers before, is not very flexible. Now use 3 or phi phi 5 display shows, ready to replace the service function of the window. And outdoor full color LED display for the use of harsh, have higher requirements on quality. Factors to consider. From the perspective of use is full color to the mainstream in the future. Because of its high brightness, color, all-weather work all has its irreplaceable advantages, but the price is on the high side. From the application point of view, meet the demand of the user of the product is the reason to exist. Double colors display on the display text, color requirement is not high, not blue, with its low cost, mature and stable occupied the very big market. Outside of the front of screen, distance plays a decisive role to the price. The farther the distance, the higher the pixels, the greater the brightness. Towards the northeast are much more cheaper than toward the southwest. Through the above detailed analysis, I believe you have several in my heart. Lian sen photoelectric wholesale as a collection of research and development of LED display design and installation for the integration of the photoelectric co. , LTD. Is famous for its innovative, professional, high quality in the domestic industry. If you want to learn more knowledge of the full color LED display, please attention, photoelectric, or to inquire, we are looking forward to your arrival.
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