About the LED electronic display safety problems

by:GKGD     2020-04-18
HI, everybody. After a week, we met again. I'm glad you came to united's photoelectric full color LED display platform, we talked a lot in front of the relevant knowledge, LED on us tonight for LED electronic display screen, safety problems as a topic to solve common in daily life the full color LED display factors affecting the working life, everyone have a consensus, to welcome you to participate. According to the advertisement law and setting up the urban management department about outdoor advertising management approach, for nearly two years to appear LED large screen advertising not make specification. The electronic display is not set on the road, but the set on of the building along the street, not touch the traffic laws and regulations, traffic police are baffled. A road traffic police said car headlights for the stimulation of the human eye is just a moment, but electronic display continuously stimulate your eyes. Although will soon recover, but a traffic accident often happened in zero point zero seconds. Location of the outdoor electronic display screen, he thought, and the intensity of light specification, should be on the agenda. For large LED electronic screen, is the crystallization of the technological progress of society, but according to all the citizens of reflection, the potential safety hazard is significant indeed. According to concerning citizens reflect the electronic display is set to a certain point of view, have the right height, only let people passing by, without driving the driver pay attention to, such not only beautify the city, and to spread the information, also does not affect the driver; LED display can be adjusted automatically according to the brightness of the display gray, if these solutions can reduce these accidents, these will be out of some related policies, outdoor full-color LED display, can automatically adjust the gray-scale series according to the brightness of the sky. As one of China's citizens, everyone has power and published the current commercial LED display influence on people's life. We hope that each LED display manufacturers, will be aimed at the existing problems, and contingency measures, maintain good LED display, a financial resources of the people to build high visual LED electronic display, promote social harmony, be more low carbon environmental protection of life.
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