About the rule of law to solve the LED advertising display regulatory problems

by:GKGD     2020-04-18
In recent years, the development of LED advertising display soon, the businessman for chasing interests illegal advertisement, and according to the reality of the outdoor advertising regulations on registration cannot be completely regulation effect, the solution is the protection of the consumer is the biggest 'to strengthen the association and joint supervision' there are a lot of limitation, just let us know the solution process. full color LED display advertising management work is broad, the scope is big, should be strengthened and the construction of urban management, journalism, the communication and coordination, planning and other departments, to establish a close cooperation, should work mechanism, take the lead, the masses supervision and supervision by public opinion, carry out effective supervision. Based on perfecting and expanding advertising monitoring, in order to implement informed and notified as the main line, to strengthen industry self-discipline as the center of gravity, to promote the department regulation as the guarantee, gradually establish a standardized, three-dimensional, full bearing new full color LED display advertising regulatory modes. ABC grade management system is established. The use of LED electronic display screen, outdoor advertising should introduce normative and operational rules, regulations, or file, let regulators are laws, rule-based. With, the use of LED electronic display of outdoor advertising enterprises, establish ABC grade management. Class A: one year has not released any false illegal outdoor advertising, for the release of outdoor advertising in A timely manner to the Ministry of Commerce and industry registration; B: one year release slight false illegal outdoor advertising and release of outdoor advertising failed to timely to the department of industry and commerce registration, after order rectification, can timely rectification in place; Class C: serious false illegal outdoor advertising in a year and release of outdoor advertising failed to timely to the department of industry and commerce registration, after order rectification, can not be timely rectification in place. To assess for a-class enterprises within its premises hanging 'integrity unit of outdoor advertising' brand tablets; To assess a category B door a modest increase in accordance with requirements of outdoor advertising patrol frequency; To assess a category C door, besides increase the inspect frequency to establish illegal parameter, to refuses to rectification of illegal publishing or breach law of false advertising behavior, serious investigation. Strengthen the collaboration between the regulators and manages concertedly. Various outdoor advertising regulatory unit at the county level should establish perfect joint conference system, regulatory information told system and a series of collaboration can be improved the strength of the rules and system, through strengthening collaboration, changing regulatory fragmentation phenomenon, as well as exchange of needed goods, form effective regulation together, timely correction using the LED electronic display the violation behavior of outdoor advertising. The present during the national annual 2012, various regulatory correction is discussed in the hot, believe in the near future with the regulations on the registration of outdoor advertising 'correction, will add about LED advertising display related regulations, industry and commerce law enforcement laws, then LED advertising display will do more and more specifications, customers interested will also get the maximum protection.
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