Accelerate the development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns industry standard of industry structure is heavy

by:GKGD     2020-05-07
In recent years, with the global energy shortage concerns rise again, to save energy this problem has gradually become the one of each country attaches great importance to the first question. In the field of lighting, the application of LED products is attracting the attention of the world, as a new type of green lighting products, LED will be the future development trend of the 21st century will enter a new lighting source era represented by the LED. Now to promote energy-saving lighting is nearly half a century various countries to realize saving energy, reducing environmental pollution, the important measures to tackle climate change. Because the semiconductor lighting has obvious energy saving advantages, has arguably become important application in the field of green energy-saving lighting in the 21st century, and to get fast development. According to the national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance released statistics, in 2009 China lighting LED output value reached 7. 5 billion yuan. Facing the huge business opportunities of the semiconductor lighting industry and encouraging prospects for development, all countries are actively develop related standards of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, in case of can in the new round of energy saving lighting products for technical change initiative. LED as the light source of indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, can have the province environmental protection, long service life, resistant to vibration attenuation, less power consumption, small volume, not easily, suitable for low temperature environment and higher luminous efficiency of several advantages, with the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of the LED lighting, our country constantly in LED lighting technology rapid development, coupled with the global energy saving carbon reduction, environmental protection consciousness, LED application gradually extends the indoor lighting market, prospects, and is considered to replace traditional light source of a new generation of light source. Especially the expansion of the latest generation of light source LED in indoor and outdoor applications, coupled with the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, LED indoor lighting has become an irreversible trend, the market outlook, the social from all walks of life also poured into the capital. Specification: energy-saving heat to establish industry standard LED lighting lamps and lanterns on the heat dissipation problems is high power LED into the bottleneck of universalization, energy-saving heat dissipation problem of LED chip: unlike outdoor, indoor LED lamps and lanterns in a semi-closed environment air liquidity is not smooth, even if you use the cooling aluminum plate to tropical LED chips, the heat can't all melted away, and scattered potential fan and heat pipe method, its driving the fan motor and power will be needed for the heat pipe than LED to save power, and LED the world recognized green light source. Specification 2: reduce glare improve product practical LED surface brightness is very high, prone to glare, also affect the person's eyesight health, LED indoor lighting indoor lighting in the application and development, also can call it LED indoor lighting application technology difficult problem, this is undeniable fact that GB50034 - 2004 standard for different construction situation of glare values for different regulations. And designers in industry base of atomization has been adopted to reduce the glare, however, the atomization of the processing have greatly reduced the penetration of the LED light, which reduces the LED lighting brightness, also can not achieve the purpose of energy saving. Standard three: the reasonable product specification color rendering the current standards for light source color, and with the technical development level of the LED products, at the same time meet the requirements of colors as high color, especially in the case of low temperature to achieve high color rendering, appear more difficult. Application in building lighting design standard as a standard, its application in building lighting LED the parameters of the standard rules, will be the healthy and orderly development of LED industry play a positive role in guidance and norms, especially on the development of LED indoor lighting is a very good reference and constraints. Two key restricting the development of LED lighting lamps and lanterns is the future: LED lighting market huge business opportunities and broad development space. LED lighting lamps and lanterns has outdoor landscape lighting from the past to indoor lighting applications, LED the development of high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns of development depends on two key elements:
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