Analysis: LED display enterprise how to in climate change myself?

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
Since 2012, when some LED display the collapse of the enterprise, a lot of people are 'on screen color change'. Admittedly, LED display market has entered the elimination period, industry reshuffle has started, but, in such a critical moment, if grasp well, overtaking can easily bend and do the benchmark of the industry, 'fame'. 1. To do. Now LED display is bigger and bigger, and the area of the single body is becoming more and more big. Manufacturers size is a good thing, of course, compared to the financing difficulties of investment of a few dozen to one hundred small businesses, large company has more advantages. Because of the development of new technology, new market expanding, all need money as a guarantee. Now the area of the screen is bigger, often after thousands of square meters of display we have become common, this is the true sense of the 'big screen'. Screen is bigger, can be mass production, in quality assurance at the same time, the higher the profit, the greater income also brings to the enterprise. 2. To do. Today's march in guangzhou fair, each big manufacturer's exhibition of small spacing LED display, indoor P3, P2. Five people have been commonplace, now introduced 1 point spacing. 5, 1. 0, 0. 8 mm display. Because now the space more valuable, outdoor LED display can do P5 even P3. Small spacing will lead to a large part of the market, especially in the stage of high-end design, LED display requirements for hd is very high. As the LED display cost reduction, high density of LED display screen into the domestic market has become a reality. On the market such as application place, Kang Shuo developed P2. 5 high qing LED advertising refresh machine, and production, make Kang Shuo exhibition in the field of indoor video ads show. 3. New to do. Creative new products hitting the market is a sword, a sword can cut down the enemy quickly, to protect themselves. Big sheng photoelectric can be said to be the ancestor of creative LED display, LED display various features of originality, curved, spherical and curved surface, triangular polygon, cans of beer cans shaped, LED Christmas tree, the latest developed pear shaped, diamond shaped LED display, really is as long as you want, we can do it. These ideas LED display products expand the market space, differentiation of products is also bring more profits to the enterprise. In general, we need to improve the quality of their products, good services, attaches great importance to the research and development, the promotion LED full-color displays the enterprise continuous innovation ability, good internal strength, and way of doing implementation corner overtaking, reach the industry peak.
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