Anatomy of the LED industry

by:GKGD     2020-05-07
In countries promote upgrading of the industrial structure, cultivate new industry growth point under the guidance of the strategic mission, LED become the focus, the development of the local government of shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, huizhou, dalian, xiamen, nanchang and other local governments have set up the industrial development strategy plan, domestic LED an investment boom. As to occupy the domestic LED nearly half of the total output value of guangdong, released in May, 'about to speed up the transformation of economic development patterns of several opinions of the semiconductor lighting ( 领导) Industry as the key focus of guangdong one of the three strategic emerging industries. LED industry in guangdong has already formed the person. Shenzhen, dongguan and foshan will have LED industry as a pillar industry development. LED industry has present a full blossom. LED domestic enterprises rapidly emerging and rapidly expanding capacity, for the LED market expansion strategy. LED industry boom almost swept across the industry, as a result of the domestic LED products technology overall level is not high, domestic enterprises generally small scale, low technical strength is weak, product class, LED the market competition is intense, the related vendors for price war, at the same time has also appeared in the LED industry disorderly investment, the phenomenon such as vicious competition. From the current domestic market dynamics and LED industrial structure distribution, has been a problem very serious duplication of investment. In addition, some local governments in the development of economy is interested in this local market open to local businesses, or the 'lock' in the form of investment in the market place to the market, local protectionism has a rise trend. If they do not break the local administrative barriers, inevitably bring regional industrial project convergence between, directly increase 'bubble', and hinder the development of regional integration process. To highlight the characteristics of different different area, to avoid to short-term interests simple repeat construction, lead to the vicious competition in the future.
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