Are we informed about outdoor led display screen weight and volume after shipment?
Yes, Shanxi high-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co., Ltd. will inform customers of the exact weight and volume of led display screen after delivery. We will follow up the whole loading and unloading process and ensure all the cargo put in the containers are safe and complete. The number of containers, gross weight, net weight, and volume of the cargo will be carefully calculated by our trustworthy freight forwarders. Then, they will provide us with a waybill which is a document giving details and instructions relating to the shipment of a consignment of goods. A packing and weight list showing the volume and weight of the cargo we deliver will be sent to customers after shipment.

We are a long-time and reliable manufacturer of led wall and a distributor of related products in China. We will show you the led screen series that is most popular with customers. outdoor led displays adopts foreign and domestic advanced wooden door making technology. It is an attractive and durable product with reasonable design and compact structure. It is easy in installation and maintenance. GKGD Led Display's led screen products have achieved breakthroughs in led wall properties. Its high-strength structure is not easy to be deformed.

GKGD will constantly adjust itself to suit the requirements of customers. Inquiry!
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