Asynchronous graphic LED display control technology have?

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
About asynchronous by Lord of LED display, no, actually asynchronously refers to the LED screen has the ability of storage and automatic playing, editing good words and no grayscale images in PC via a serial port or network interface to other LED screen, and then by LED offline automatic playback, generally no more than grayscale display ability, is mainly used to display text and simple graphics, can screen connected to the Internet. Master PC will need to display information and various control commands within the incoming screen panel by means of serial communication, within the screen panel contains MCU and memory, screen panel will store information, and then in accordance with the command to display on the screen. Mainly include: (1) adapter PC using through RS232 serial port RS232 agreement - RS485 adapter, the adapter for light type. (2) the control panel to receive PC through serial communication transmission of information to display and various control commands, control panel contains MCU and memory, screen panel will store information, and then in accordance with the command to display on the screen. Characteristics are as follows: Ø longitudinal points within 128, lateral points to 2000 points. If the longitudinal is 16 points, horizontal can reach 4000 points. Ø mass storage support secondary character Chinese font and a large number of proprietary type, storage capacity of 16 screen Ø can be controlled by computer, may also be displayed offline Ø information can be saved when the power is 1 year Ø real-time calendar clock function (3) single line ( The four core) USES four wire system: a pair of difference twisted-pair receiving, sent another pair difference twisted-pair cable. Communication distance of 1200 meters. Adopt total line network structure, under the maximum load 32 bit machine (4) PC make up special communication software screen LED is on compiling software, accord with the LED by screen control protocol. Meet many different length, different width of the single color or double color LED display text and graphics program editing and broadcasting. Every time send 16 screen show at most. (5) LED by screen control protocol Ø support this agreement dot-matrix LED display monochrome, double colors by networking. Ø networking form as the main line, PC to PC, under a machine for single chip microcomputer in the LED display panel. Using four wire system, online agreement RS485. Ø PC by RS232 serial port protocol adapter converting online. Ø support TCP/IP protocol transmission good appreciate everyone today continue to sen photoelectric LED display technology professional platform, for the above explanation, for reference only, if there is any wrong place, hope you can correct them. Also can consult our customer service, we will patiently answer for you. Please continue to pay attention to the next question.
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