Automotive LED display in kaifeng in henan province has become a scenery line of flow

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
It is reported, henan kaifeng many taxi roof installed LED electronic display screen, in the urban traffic flow of the beautiful scenery line. Understands from kaifeng unicom, in order to implement the municipal government and henan unicom signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, kaifeng unicom and kaifeng traffic department close cooperation, investment 4 million yuan, for our city 2300 taxi roof installation LED electronic display systems. The system with unicom GPRS positioning system, the public security department of peace and mutual assistance system platform is linked together, when the taxi driver and passengers hold when the situation is unsafe, as long as you press the alarm button, car LED display will be immediately displayed 'I was robbed, please report to the police,' call the police for help. The system can dynamically monitor the specific place of taxi and vehicle related situation, will protect the safety of the passengers take greatly. At the same time also for citizens flow increased by 2300 stations, will play an important role to maintain the city social security. Before the end of July, kaifeng nearly 300 taxi will be installed on-board LED display. By the end of the year, kaifeng taxi will all onboard LED display.
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