Automotive LED display technology requirements and application value

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
Car LED display as a kind of more novel advertising information dissemination media, in addition to being able to store huge amounts of text information, through the built-in microprocessor to control the display mode of text, fonts, implementation timing display function, and other advantages, also can move everywhere, thoroughly get rid of the bondage of the traditional display 'line', has the characteristics of flow visualization, therefore being new media advertising people praise highly. At the technical level, because of its special application environment, so the car led display product requirements at a much higher compared to the traditional outdoor led display, need the moisture, rain, lightning protection, sunscreen, anticorrosion, antistatic, dustproof, the cold, anti-interference, seismic, uv resistance, oxidation resistance, but also have over-current, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection function to become qualified car led display. Today's commercial operation value most 'audience' and 'attention', it is a requirement of the attention economy gave rise to the vehicle-mounted LED display. Car LED display real time, flexibility, mobility and new characteristics of large capacity, for the stationary LED display some of the 'visual fatigue' users, this new way has been favored by users. Through market analysis, according to automotive LED display audience concentration, bus car LED display, for example, can provide passengers with important lines of bus information, information, etc. , in addition advertising effect is outstanding, a city bus is still one of the main traffic tools of public transport, take more than millions of passengers every day. It take years of population quantity is big, the car 10 minutes of 'take the spare time of leisure' boring, if there is excessive of flow front screen for its news, entertainment, weather, advertising information, such as the active 'cramming' in front of reading media can attract the attention of the passengers to the greatest extent, and obtain good advertising effect. Whether bus vehicle LED display or taxi car LED display, they all have the re-description and the common characteristics of a market with enormous potential and accumulates promotion listed in the product once, this has a huge audience and low-cost advertising media will attract attention of numerous enterprises, industry and commerce, advertisers, government departments can also with its citizens for public welfare propaganda.
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