Best for you with the installation of the LED display four points

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
Hello, good evening. I'm glad we met again. You bring good mood to sen photoelectric LED display interactive platform, we will, as always, the league's photoelectric LED display interactive platform, even better, provide a good communication platform of LED. Today's topic is mainly LED display installation considerations of interaction, here to share with you, the four main points of the most helpful to all of you, we hope you can understand. 1, abide by the 'user manual' of the operating steps; 2, power supply must conform to the requirements of the LED display power supply voltage: 220 v + 10% frequency: 50 hz plus or minus 5% safe earth contact reliable, reliable ground wire from the zero line, plugged into a power supply from high power electric device. 3, appropriate temperature, temperature requirements for: - working environment temperature 20 degrees C or less t - 80 C or less storage environment temperature 40 degrees C t 60 degrees or less or less C4, moisture, humidity requirement as follows: the highest working temperature, the LED display should be less than 92% relative humidity. We have learned, at present a lot of LED display manufacturers when installation LED display only check the attachment of the problem, ignoring the other problems, before installing the LED display, in addition to check the correctness of the successive lines, namely, check the correctness of the high voltage part and signal connection, also check the integrity of the computer software installation, including graphics and the installation of control software. The above four points of reference, I hope you get profits, thank you for tonight on the interactive, we see you tomorrow night.
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