Chamber is analysed shenzhen LED large screen image text infrastructure

by:GKGD     2020-05-03
Along with the gradually popularization of the shenzhen LED large screen by shenzhen LED screen what are the common characteristics, internal structure and how to install it, everybody for these are interested. Understand common graphic shenzhen LED large screen structure, not only can help me to choose better products, and in the use and maintenance, also can have actively promote role. 1, by the shenzhen LED screen form first, graphic type shenzhen LED large screen, is by the shenzhen LED large screen panel, computer, controller, dot matrix display screen unit and power supply system structure. The screen body structure, by using the 8 x 8 single color or double color display unit patchwork. Luminescence brightness more balanced internal components, the product scope is also more widely. The characteristics of these superior to become one of the most characteristic and the development of display products. 2, how graphic screen work so how these graphic shenzhen LED large screen is illuminated, among the internal control system, intelligent display unit is part of local shenzhen LED large screen, can rise to control the whole unit panel brightness and contrast. The word subtitles, is implemented in the computer control terminal, through the power control, will have compiled the BGF subtitles, graphic information, so as to realize the synchronous transmission of information and the subtitles. 3, in addition, other control units in the use of graphic shenzhen LED large screen, will also involve the product stability control system, periphery waterproof coating, cooling fan, etc. , these are the premise of guarantee the stability of the display to use, can be conducive to the stability of the display work, at the same time, meet all kinds of bad weather, can make sure by shenzhen LED large screen undisturbed. In addition, to have a friend to buy intention, choose by shenzhen LED large screen also should pay attention to product parameters configuration, suitable for use in what fields, demand for environment, by the shenzhen LED screen still has certain requirements, such as banking, shopping and so on for product the corporate image of advertising screen, can use cheap phi is 3. 75 mm double colors display. If required display effect is good, can use phi 5 mm full-color LED large screen in shenzhen.
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