Cheer for the shenzhen universiade shenzhen LED display to zero distance

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
Cheer for the shenzhen universiade, sung university games, this is shenzhen civic pride. Shenzhen universiade center as the main venue for the universiade, three ruby model building, using LED lighting system makes three gem shape building more shining in the night. History's largest large full color LED display is located in the center of the various events respectively, and the shenzhen universiade zero distance contact. It is understood that LED display is never stingy their elegant demeanour, the university games in the gym, basketball court and so on several applied to the most luxurious large LED display. Especially the shenzhen bay sports center were built three high bright LED screen: a PH20 outdoor full color, covers an area of 16. 64 m x 8. 96 m = 149. 9 square meters installed in the main stadium; The other two pieces of PH10 indoor triad SMD full color respectively installed at the main stadium of north and south sides, each area of 11. 52 m * 6. 4 m = 73. 73 square meters. At present, these full color has been finished installation and debugging. The project from pre-sales, production, installation, commissioning and put into use, to meet the demand of its every detail as far as possible, in order to ensure the best display effect and stability. Borrow 'towards the universiade', shenzhen also joined the environmental protection idea, in lamplight ascension streetlights facilities aging renovation project, the original energy-saving lamps renovation project inside the special zone and the original dc high lamp renovation project, for the safety of street lamp aging, energy-intensive, facilities for replacement. Downtown area and the demonstrative project of science and technology park high-tech semiconductor lighting lamps will also be more than 60 road 2000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp replacement for the LED street lamp. In addition, the city's 355 green upgrade project is completed, and all kinds of new park 30, promote reform of 55. The success of the universiade, beautiful large full color LED display, embodies the step of China's full color LED display technology research and development.
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