Chengdu led display how to fence, it is ok to meet these requirements

by:GKGD     2020-07-02

led display in our life, the application of expanded a lot, even we can use it at ordinary times. As a frequently used in the external environment to propaganda tool, it needs to do a good job of protection of the external enclosures. Environment of the requirements of different fence is also there, how to make the led display in chengdu to fence, think it is ok to meet these requirements.

the fence to reach what requirements

chengdu led display fence, want to do that is ok, the first is to do safety design, safety protection in the installation of the led display is particularly important. General soft mask is used to protect the led display, it can avoid direct contact with the ground it. The second is to ascend protection grade, main hung on the outdoor led display, fence is also need to withstand sun or rain wash for a long time, at the same time also need to undergo some harsh environment, such as earthquake, typhoon, etc. So the design of the fence should be with high standards of protection for technical reference. Such technical indicators to ensure the stability and security of the led display. The third is to pay attention to the design of the structure, the led display screen is composed of a number of cabinet. This requires that in the design of link more solid, through adjusting some small details to increase reliability.

the demand of the led display is a big

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