Choose the LED display, suitable is the best

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
LED display have different characteristics, different users in the procurement should be combined with the objective of the actual application requirements, choose the right LED display. In general, for the station, wharf, a big market of inward and outward, the elevator traffic guidance, can use phi is 5. 0 single color LED display. A font clear, low cost, fleet control, etc. For the Banks, shopping malls and other occasions to show corporate image, advertising, such as application and require low price, can use phi. 3. 75 double color LED display. Must show display, can use phi 5 full color LED display screen. Waiting for the occasions with larger area for the hall can use phi 5 double color LED display. Must show display, can use phi 1 o full-color LED display screen. For Banks, postal service, electric power business hall service window functions such as definition, method of use of stickers before, is not very flexible. Now use from 3 or 5, according to the LED display can be replaced at any time the service function of the window. Outdoor screen because of the use of harsh, have higher requirements on quality. Factors to consider. From the perspective of using LED full color is the mainstream in the future. Because of its high brightness, color, all-weather work all has its irreplaceable advantages, but the price is on the high side. From the application point of view, which can meet the user requirements of product has its reason to exist. Double color LED display on the display text, color requirement is not high, not blue, with its low cost, mature and stable occupied the very big market. Outside of the front of screen, distance to price plays the decisive role. The farther the distance, the greater the pixel, the higher the brightness. Towards the northeast are much more cheaper than toward the southwest. Shenzhen LED full color, the league's photoelectric has always been to 'meet customer demand' for the service center, omni-directional carefully make objective location for the customer demand.
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