Common varieties of LED display to be reckoned with in the application of several major problems

by:GKGD     2020-04-05
Last night we mentioned the LED display IP grade division, this night is mainly about several common varieties of LED display to be reckoned with in the application of several major problems, thank you pay attention to in the use or installation process, the LED still has great help for your future contact. Because now applied in the field of lighting lighting LED products, such as LED guardrail lamp, LED lawn lamp, LED lamp, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights, etc. Is more and more widely applied with the advantage of LED light source itself is inseparable. About the LED light source energy saving, long life, no radiation, Green light source) Wait for an advantage, you should be more understanding, here are some questions related to LED products. Dc constant current power supply should be used some manufacturers in order to reduce the product cost of the 'resistance capacity step-down' way to power a LED products, it will directly affect the service life of LED products. Using special switching power supply, It is best to constant current source) Power supply to LED product will not affect the service life of the product, but the product cost is relatively high. Need to prepare anti-static measures LED products in the process of production to adopt certain anti-static measures, such as: workbench to grounding, workers must wear antistatic clothing, with antistatic ring, and anti-static gloves, conditional can be installed anti-static ion blower, at the same time also to ensure that the workshop humidity is around 65%, lest produce electrostatic air is too dry, especially the green LED is relatively more easily damaged by static electricity. In addition, different quality of LED antistatic ability is different also, the quality of high quality LED some antistatic ability is better. Attention should be paid to the rise of temperature will make the LED resistance decreases when the environment temperature, the LED light source internal resistance decreased, if use voltage regulator power supply will cause the LED working current increases, when more than the rated current, will affect the service life of LED products, serious will make the LED light source 'burn out', so it's best to choose power supply, constant current source to ensure the working current of the LED is not affected by ambient temperature. Seal whatever LED products, LED products as long as applied to outdoor, face the sealing problem of waterproof, moisture-proof, if processes is not good will directly affect the service life of LED products. Now there are few manufacturers for product quality is higher by traditional 'watering' approach to epoxy resin sealing LED products, this kind of method to operate more troublesome, for large LED products ( Such as LED guardrail light) Is not very suitable for, also will increase the weight of the product. LED guardrail light control technology currently LED guardrail light is the most widely used control technology 'serial communication' ( Mainly DXM512 agreement) 。 Its advantage is each fence light without specific 'code', can be arbitrary switching between each, facilitate production and engineering installation. But the biggest drawback is once there is a damage, will directly affect the following all fence light, as in one lane road car, once had a car 'anchor', will cause the following all cars can't run normally. For hundreds or even thousands of meters fence light engineering, due to external factors and quality of the product itself, the influence of such factors as it is difficult to ensure that every a guardrail lights do not appear problem, so it is easy to cause paralysis 'traffic jam' phenomenon. In addition, the LED light source on the market at present the quality difference is very big, good quality of LED light source not only high brightness, light failure is small, antistatic ability is strong, also decided to its service life is long, but the price is cheap LED light source is several times higher. We can often see some LED lighting engineering, the beginning is indeed very beautiful, but will soon be 'missing', some engineering even delays in commissioning. Therefore the manufacturer and the user not to 'kill' on price. Choose good quality LED light source, take effective technical measures to guarantee the quality of LED products is the way out. Through the above several common LED application varieties, believe that everyone has been so confident. Ok, thank you for your attention and support tonight, tomorrow to continue our interaction with the exchange of LED display, looking forward to communicate more wonderful tomorrow night about your problem.
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