Common ways of classification of several kinds of LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
We speak a lot about LED display in front of the common problems, including the level of LED display screen viewing distance formula, the LED display, LED display, etc. Next we look at how common LED display classification, what are the advantages. According to display color is divided into: single red, green, red, green, double colors, red, green, blue three colors according to the use function can be divided into: text display screen, multimedia video display screen type article, quote screen, screen and other types of display screen by using the environment can be divided into: indoor display, outdoor display screen, an outdoor display screen according to the light spot diameter can be divided into: ( Indoor outdoor single/double colors) Ф3mmФ3。 7毫米,Ф4。 8mm、Ф5. 0mm、Ф8. 0 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, etc. According to the distance between markers are divided into: ( Indoor and outdoor full-color) 6毫米,7。 625mm、8. 38毫米,10毫米,12毫米,12。 5 mm, 14 mm, P16mm, P20mm, P22mm, P25mm, P30mm, P40mm etc. According to the density of markers can be divided into: ( Outdoor full-color) 6400 points, 5102, 3906 points, 2500 points, 2066 points, 1600 points, 1111 points, 625 points effect of excellence: USES the dynamic scanning technology, image stability, no miscellaneous points, the image effect is exquisite, clear; Animation vivid and diverse; Video effect smooth realistic leading technology: continuous display of more than ten years of professional experience in the development and production, technology has been far ahead on easy maintenance: modular design, installation, maintenance is convenient. ( Can be charged maintenance) Quality: imported light-emitting materials, high-quality IC chip, noiseless high-power power supply flexible format: can be arbitrary arrangement mode is rich in content, by the user can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information, large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted referring to the above LED display category, estimated that everyone has a new recognition and understanding. Want to realize in the process of installation LED display, for the general public to provide the best quality of large LED display.
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