Detailed some of the domestic LED display the trend of rapid development

by:GKGD     2020-04-04
With the constant improvement of the modern people's living standard, the development of modern LED lighting industry strong flow, the domestic LED display industry development by leaps and bounds, what is the cause of this? Let us slowly analysis below. Domestic LED display industry high-speed development. LED display application industry in our country has developed nearly 20 years, but in recent years, industry truly phased development. , according to China association LED display light application branch LED display application market sales reached ten billion yuan in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games on the successful application of nearly one thousand pieces of LED display for the LED display to further expand the influence. In 2009, the 60th anniversary of National Day celebrations, the 2010 world expo, and other major activities held during the LED display application on an unprecedented scale. In 2009 the national LED display market scale has reached 14 billion yuan, up 40% from a year earlier. Industry high-speed development opportunities at the same time the basic Shared by domestic enterprises, domestic LED display production enterprises both in the domestic market and export have showed strong competitiveness. According to statistics, the number of sales of one hundred million yuan of above 2006 to 11, and in 2009 reached this scale has reached 27 companies. From outdoor to indoor LED display applications, LED applications, a very important. LED the most concern of the market is currently market application of white LED, LCD back light and the development of the LED lighting market, especially this year LED in the area of the LCD back light penetration rate is more than the market had expected. We believe that the outside of the LCD back light source and LED lighting, LED application of a very important - — LED display applications also should get equal attention. In fact, the LED display market space is huge, and relative to the LCD back light, domestic enterprises are more likely to seize the opportunity of rapid development in the field of displays. With full color LED display distance is more and more close, display shows the effect has reached a very realistic effect, and application of super-long, extra-wide, ultra became trend, screen is developed from outdoor to indoor application, stage background, signs, architectural decoration and so on all can use the LED display screen, highlight, energy saving, low cost but also highlights the competitiveness of the LED display. We believe that in the next few years, as the size of the market in LED display and market growth, will prove our point of view.
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