Different application decision LED display driver

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
【 LED display. Linear regulators to convert the voltage power consumption problems, switch mode has the problem of noise, full color LED display driver choose what kind of transformation way depends on what kind of application. Through linear regulators to convert voltage power consumption problems, this way is suitable for use in a need to avoid noise, For example, car audio) And therefore cannot use the switch mode conversion circuit. And the characteristics of the switch mode conversion efficiency is very high, but it also has the problem of noise, so choose what kind of transformation way depends on what kind of application. In general, the efficiency of charge pump drive way changes with the change of the input voltage, in the application of large range of voltage change, its efficiency is low; And in the application of voltage variation range is small, only when the input and output voltage is a multiple relationship between, it's to achieve maximum efficiency, but it is difficult to achieve in the practical application of battery power. In contrast, the inductance of the conversion efficiency is not affected by voltage disturbance, application limits is less than the charge pump, so the conversion circuit adopts the inductive method. How to evaluate performance of LED display? Objective, evaluation of hb LED display driver IC performance according to the different application, cannot treat as the same. Such as decorative lighting applications in the control of the RGB color change demand is high, the performance becomes the main index, and in monochrome application does not require this. And as the application of narrow space requirement is heat dispersion ability; Automotive lighting alternative applications requires both the smooth with the original circuit system performance at the same time also require high reliability; In nb display applications, such as requirements for multiple series of LED display brightness and balanced control driver IC has precise control on every one of the current on the road, such as maxim product control accuracy can reach 3%; Projector applications require high efficient drive circuit, the ability to rapidly adjust brightness and thermal protection; In alternative applications, the performance is more reflected in the whole solution rather than a single driver IC. In general, integration of components, control the quantity, response speed, fault diagnosis, heat-resistant and so on all is the performance evaluation reference. Usually, high integration aims to improve performance, but at high power, high integration in order to satisfy the large current will increase the chip area, while increasing costs also faces the problem of heat dissipation, so, how to balance the relationship between the power and integration issue is the driver IC design. Driver IC to the chip process improvement to meet the cost at the same time, to improve the packaging solution to the problem of heat dissipation. 【 full color LED display.
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