Different countries and regions LED display certification

by:GKGD     2020-05-04
Contact with the international trade is more and more widely, Europe and the United States and other countries or increase demand for led display, the authentication and more demanding on execution of technical standards, so led display manufacturer for certification and standard requirements, also only will be more and more attention. Now, let us know first. The different countries, regions and led display certification American ETL, UL, FCC ( Mandatory) 、CSA- The voice of the US, energy certification led display products are mainly following UL8750 'used in the led lighting products equipment, at the same time combined with concrete certain safety standards considerations of lamps and lanterns. Published in 2009, California, USA, the equipment efficiency regulations 2009 increased the portable light lose of the LED lamps and lanterns, luminous efficacy, color temperature, color rendering index requirements. Canadian CSA, ULCULICCETL U. S. certification is suitable for Canada market Japan VCCI, PSE ( Mandatory) 'S' logo PSE circular domestic third party lab can test and certification; PSE diamond by a third party laboratory testing, audit and certification in Japanese institutions. South Korea KC, KCC, ATT; European CE ( Mandatory) , VDE, GSRoshs TUVLED lamps and lanterns of EMC test is mainly of IEC/EN61547 daily lighting appliance, IEC/EN61000 - EMC immunity requirements 3 - 2 harmonic current emission limits and IEC/EN61000 - 3 - 3 voltage fluctuation and flicker limit and EN55015 radio interference characteristics of limits and measurement methods. Australia C - 蜱虫( Mandatory) (SAA Mandatory) ; China CCC ( Mandatory) CQC to enhance the competitiveness of the domestic LED, the national related departments have been exported more perfect LED calibration; Other international: CB Russian GOST, Brazil: UC, Nigeria, SONCAP, etc.
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