Do you know about LED display screen and LED the table table to stick on the display of the difference?

by:GKGD     2020-04-19
Good evening and welcome once again to sen photoelectric LED display interactive platform. Announced tonight to LED display screen and LED the table table is stuck on the display, what are the difference between hope everybody speaks enthusiastically, comment. Please bring a good mood tonight, and go with us sen photoelectric LED display interactive platform, to discuss common knowledge LED display. As the name suggests, the LED display screen is the table paste encapsulated light-emitting tube welded on the circuit board directly, it has good heat resistance and color uniformity, because it is directly welded on the circuit board, can be directly in the front of the display maintenance, so greatly reduce the maintenance cost and the difficulty. And LED display screen is the table stick will be growing luminous tube encapsulation square, and then put the red, green, blue three tube together to make a pixel and set into a module, professional predicate is also called light solid pixels. full color LED display screen and LED the table table to stick to stick these two kinds of display, full color LED display screen of the table to stick the effect will be more close to the effect of a flat-screen television, and the table to stick color will be relatively less, but the price will be much cheaper, because two years ago, only full-color module and the table of full-color, and table full color price is surprisingly high, the module of full-color result is bad and the maintenance cost is very big, so the LED full-color should market gap of the table to stick. For LED display screen and LED table paste the table display the difference between, we are temporarily here, hope everyone, also with free hope you often come to sit sen photoelectric LED display manufacturer, if you have other full color LED display questions, can consult with our customer service, will provide the most satisfactory answer for you with all my heart. Expect you to continue to focus on tomorrow night lian sen photoelectric LED interactive platform, next more wonderful waiting for you.
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