Do you know the big LED large screen about image signal processing methods have what?

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
LED display is a kind of digital flat panel display. This requires that it can display text, graphics, animation, images, video programs such as all kinds of information. The purpose of full color LED display is created giant color display. Large LED display and plasma display, a giant TV screen back projection, such as flat-panel displays, there are many similarities. The LED display screen for video signal processing method which? See below break down: one way is to big screen using the special signal processor, the interlaced scanning of TV signal, processed into a progressive scan signal, and then on the big screen. High-performance treatment function of digits as high as more than 10, interpolation arithmetic to take when doing the scan conversion, motion estimation and compensation, and scan conversion, etc. High order large LED screen are now using this method, and more of the image signal processing, tries to elevate the signal to the broadcast, the effect is better, of course. Computer image processing, also should pass the processor and then sent to the big screen display. Treatment technology is also in constant development, there have been many new algorithms have been proposed. We are familiar with the large size of back projection TV and plasma TV screens are widely using this method, the effect is much better than ordinary TV. In this case, the output signal is usually according to the transform of signal format to describe, appears to be more exact. Another method is the multimedia approach, often referred to as synchronous screen method, the method using ordinary multimedia card capture TV signal, and demodulation, filter and tone color separation, etc. Image signal after A/D conversion, MPEG compression coding, in order to store. Play again to unzip, directly on the computer monitor. Go to the big screen signals through a dedicated adapter card DVI interface from the computer or video card, and some processing on the adapter card. At this time, the large screen is actually equivalent to a computer monitor or on the part of, often referred to as the window, can achieve synchronous display of one to one correspondence. Because the computer monitor is progressive scan, so if not for the signal line suction frame for processing, then, large screen display format is the format of the monitor. LED, in contrast, in the distribution of the data, driving, lower power consumption, improve efficiency, the difficulty of the color reduction degree and consistency might be more bigger than other flat panel display. This is because the light emitting diode is nor anger device, switch time is nanoseconds, no memory function, coupled with its large display area, the signal transmission distance is long, can't use the most advanced COG, SOB, etc. The method of large scale integrated circuit manufacturing. More hope to be of a help.
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