Does rental led displays have warranty period?
Each led displays has the warranty period. During the warranty period, the product could be maintained and repaired for free. The warranty period may be extended if it is required by you. You could have the confidence that our products are of high quality and are almost in no need of repair during the warranty period.

As the trusted partner for providing full color led display, Shanxi high-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co., Ltd. does not only design and manufacture innovative products but develops high-end technologies. We will show you the outdoor led displays series that is most popular with customers. rental led displays can bring a comfortable living experience for people. The overall structure is reasonable and standardized. The internal space layout and the design of doors and windows are just right. As a dominant led screen supplier, GKGD focus on its customer service. Modular magnetic structure design makes sure it will not shake.

In GKGD Led Display, there's not any limitation to the pursuit of excellence. Check now!
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