Domestic LED display price in melee, blindly fight quite dangerous

by:GKGD     2020-04-04
Shout as LED components, LED full color manufacturers have also brewing to raise prices, however, according to the industry pointed out that the recent mainland small spacing display market prices still in a battle, although the overall size of the market is still growing, but the price fluctuation has slowed force of downstream customers goods, although the market of the whole into traditional industry busy season, but four yuan LED grain demand and accidentally hurt not up to full capacity. Mainland small spacing display recent outbreaks of demand, and continuous improvement of products, consumption to drive LED grain size and element, the industry is generally believed that small spacing display application growth momentum, become the important driving forces for the 2017 LED grain supplies, mainland industry forecasts, market demand will be 2017 small spacing is expected to increase to 90 billion ~ 100 billion the number of LED chips, compared with an estimated 60 billion 2016 LED chip demand, the overall market is expected to show strong growth of 30% ~ 40%. But three Ann photoelectric in mainland China, wood Tomlinson, the magnitude several companies successively increases, the upstream raw material prices, the mainland Abby's bucked the operation display manufacturers, prices down for more than 2 into, and there are five standard products will be fully implementing the 'zero down payment', under the giant impetus effect, other display manufacturers also announced price cuts, some manufacturers put forward prices by around 10%, rendering shout up and downstream industry reduction contradiction, because the market order in chaos, which impact the led display market price offensive sounded retreat. Affected by the downstream market prices fall more than, in the near future in the industry, the coal mining group, crossover into the light LED encapsulation, shanxi yu also aggressively market price movements, rob in wood Tomlinson and big capacity expansion before has not yet been formally issued, with price for early city accounted for, LED components market price swings, due to the LED display price movements in a reversal, the downstream system stronger customer wait-and-see attitude, a slowdown in the original shipment schedule. Benefit from small spacing is a rapidly growing display screen, LED by four yuan for an ace of crystal electricity to optimize the product mix, and obviously improve profit results, compared with 2016, however the second half of the four leds continuous full load capacity, in succession in new capacity in 2017 to join after operation, but has failed to reach full load. Crystal company said that four yuan performance remains stable growth LED order, but the recent mainland display accident than expected demand, lead to four yuan LED the shipment schedule delay in the first half of the year, but since the second half will have other new products are shipped, is expected to drive the overall demand for heating. Be bullish on small spacing of display screen industry market continued growth over the next three years, on both sides of the main expansion has LED packaging manufacturers are the lock screen, small spacing, wood Tomlinson 2017 annual production capacity is expected to could be expanded to 100 billion ~ 150 billion, rose more than 5, among them, the new capacity is about 60 to 70% will be used for small spacing, about 40% used in LED lighting, as for the light in 2017, the overall capacity will also increase 1 billion, automotive LED screen and small spacing will be expansion center of gravity. But despite the mainland display market repeat order price collapse, but believe that the overall market size is still stable growth, the subsequent cargo is expected to gradually restore stability, while light, said recent capacity utilization rate reached more than 8 into a whole, not see small spacing display demand fluctuation, so watch the season 3 new capacity contribution to the production operation effect.
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