Double color led display has the advantage of higher safety performance

by:GKGD     2020-07-05

one of the double color led display is also belongs to the screen, the appearance of this kind of display is a innovation revolution led electronic display screen, whether it's advantage, or on the appearance of it, really is different, so, double color led display what are the advantages? I think you also want to learn about.

1, the image clearer.

double color led display using the first advantage is what, is, of course, the image is more clear, the compared with that of a single color really is very outstanding, only can let the viewer shows clearly the better watch, can give the viewer a better experience.

2 and higher safety performance

higher safety performance is also a big advantage, double color led display screen for low voltage dc power supply mode, use is very safe, even a child what use will not appear safe hidden trouble, this is really worth at ease of use, because of the existence of the advantages, so on the market is still very popular.

3, service life is longer than the

double color used better material, better technology, so it has a long service life characteristics, under normal circumstances to use eighty thousand to hundreds of hours of uninterrupted use of a day, and pay attention to maintain, in a decade or so is not a problem, the service life is already a lot of traditional screen several times, thus gradually become a customer buying preferred.

what advantages do you have in for double color led display is to introduce you to them and specific use advantage is more prominent, and in the aspect of environmental protection is also a good excellent, but the price will be a little bit expensive, suggested at the time of purchase to buy big brand manufacturers products as much as possible.

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