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by:GKGD     2020-04-20
, intelligent and functional characteristics of : intelligent at ordinary times need not connected to the host computer, has a built-in CPU, can save the picture more, when power supply drop can run independence from mainframe computers. Some screen and clock chip, and can automatically display date and time. When need to modify the display content, through the RS - 232 microcomputer can modify the interface connection. All functional LED screen must be connected to the host of a computer; Intelligent display mode is usually less, a drawing episodic, pop-up, upper roller and lower roller, etc. Full function displays the display mode of diversity, if made of professional software programming, the display mode have infinite variety; Intelligent of the operation is simple, fully functional norm. under the operation and maintenance is needed, if you want to animation program, need special knowledge on trial. Two and a half, indoor, outdoor and outdoor , indoor area generally never to a square meters to more than a dozen square meters, point density is higher, in direct sunlight or ambient lighting, viewing distance in a few meters away, the screen body does not have waterproof sealing ability. Indoor LED display in general is given priority to with dot matrix module, for use in indoor display brightness demand is not high, dot matrix module has a very high price; Outdoor area is generally from several meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, the point density is thin, the number is 1000 - 4000 points per square meter, luminous brightness - in 3000 6000 CD/m2, towards different, different brightness requirements, in direct sunlight conditions, viewing distance tens of meters, on the screen has a good ability to resist wind, rain and lightning protection; Half between indoor and outdoor outdoor type, high brightness, can be used in outdoor sun, screen body is sealed, usually on the roof or window. Three, monochrome, double colors, three colors , single color means displays only one color of luminescent material, much as a single red; Generally speaking, red and dual color LED display of yellow-green luminous materials; Tricolor is divided into full color, true color display screen, full color is made up of red, green, blue, and true color is made up of red, pure green, blue.
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