Dutch ISE 2017 foreign brands Chinese LED companies show but a great one! !

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
ISE show, European professional audio-visual integration equipment and technology) Is The most successful in Europe so far audio-visual and system integration, The exhibition The exhibition by The association for International exchange of information industry InfoComm International, and The Custom Electronic Design & amp; The Installation Association jointly organized together, representing the audio-visual technology the supreme authority in the field of business, as well as the most influential industry trade group. In fact, has the largest number of professional audio-visual exhibition ISE is also a global audience. Yesterday, ISE exhibition opening, as the world's highest projector and screen audio-visual field specifications and the most influential annual event, the last four days of audio-visual feast will give the audience a sensory shock 'tour. In this, the Chinese LED display with the latest products with foreign brand enterprise from PK, China LED display shows elegant demeanour. However, foreign brands companies such as SONY, as never show weakness, send out again on the show, not letter you serious look down! 【 Abroad 】 Section Christie the exhibition, as Christie ® showcase series products, the latest break used since 2010 single 'booth' concept. Show, see Christie MicroTiles ® LED modular reconfigurable video box installed on the base of product display, attract everyone audience understand see Christie products advantages. See Christie's LED technology is also used to preview the upcoming look LED display series, family regards Christie Ultrascape. It used by families, Christie's development and manufacturing, the highest quality components, strictly abide by the family regards Christie's inspection process and bring full hd 4 k and 8 k resolution. Section view of Christie's development view Christie ® Ultrascape has direct LED the inherent advantages of ( High brightness, low maintenance and cost of ownership) , meet the needs of the 24/7 critical applications, as well as those required to exploit the look unconventional innovation in the design of video wall LED to solve the problem, have higher stability and installation accuracy. In 2017 ISE Ultrascape 360 column installed in demonstration. In addition, the exhibition, 'connect space' almost all use see Christie solutions that support the projection screen manufacturer Da Lite and New Solid content experts in Belgium. Six famous families see Christie Boxer four k30 projector joint newly installed 6 professional places. Version 0 Pandoras Box multimedia and performance control server, Pandoras Box Manager, Widget Designer, gesture and real-time tracking, together to create 1 to many interactive space, but not limited to 1 to 1 interaction. System is not only show multi-user gesture, but also use the real-time user tracking effect and content of 16 meters wide screen. Relevant search: LED full color full color LED display in shenzhen
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