Education shows this 'fat', LED to eat into his mouth?

by:GKGD     2020-04-12
With the deepening of the wisdom urban construction, the development of wisdom campus is also in constant speed, the related industries to speed up in wisdom education, artificial intelligence and so on a series of technology to boost the layout of the progressive education field, led display industry is no exception, roll out technology innovation in the field of intellectual education, products and solutions. Not only that, in the education market in screen industry enterprise are also speed up the layout. Recently, sponsored by the China education equipment industry association of the 75th session of the China education equipment exhibition in jiangxi province nanchang city green land international expo center held smoothly, it is reported, the industry a lot of screen are all the education equipment exhibition. The exhibition, PH1. 2 small spacing led display and VR technology to build a 'wisdom' class trip, with super 4 k resolution and large size of the display screen, significantly improved the experience of VR technology, shows a new way of teaching for the audience, is well received. In this exhibition, and led display LTV - with small spacing Pro1。 25 ( Four lights unity) ,LTV- Pro1。 667,P3. 91 transparent screen and campus true 3 d virtual studio system combined with wonderful appearance. Use of led display in combination with small spacing campus true 3 d virtual studio system to build the 'wisdom' of the classroom, attracted a lot of audience participation. Is LED show education related enterprises rapidly into one of the wise path in the field of education, and also can through the school existing display engineering into the field of education, wisdom is the mainstay of this school display screen LED display itself, conference room, studio and so on all need the LED display screen, and whether VR or small spacing 'wisdom' classroom display solutions, let the LED display and education more fusion. LED display function into the VR in the field of education, such as 3 d technology of intelligent LED display solutions for greater role in the field of education. First of all, the addition of virtual technology, can make screen actively interact with the audience, bring unprecedented feeling real experience. Second compared to conventional display screen, led display screen, transparent, small spacing even abnormity screen, etc. , both in display effect and attract degrees and much higher than the traditional screen, can better guide the student to indulge in its shown in the content, help teachers optimize teaching. Many excellent wisdom in the future, the industry education LED display solution will be more accepted by the pioneers in the field of education and education in the future in the field of teaching and training is widely used in the process of reform and upgrade.
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