Explanation of outdoor LED electronic display security hidden danger

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
As a new type of outdoor advertising carrier, visual sense of the outdoor LED electronic display, with its superior features, as a new bright spot, urban outdoor advertising has attracted much attention. China's LED display industry ups and downs through 20 years, today, China's production of LED display quality has been recognized in the global market. Outdoor LED electronic display security hidden danger, however, especially the LED display screen has focus fire safety application technology. Look at what factors will affect the display of fire safety problem, from April 2, 2012 of the Hong Kong la hotel fire emergency, knocked a wake-up call for the LED industry: in the rapid development of the industry at the same time, the LED display application security technology remaining short board, LED products and standardization were again on the agenda. Display the stand or fall of fire prevention technology mainly associated with display of fire prevention materials, box technology has a great deal. Fire prevention of the use of raw materials mainly include display internal wires, power supply, fire prevention materials and plastic outer protective structure suite this four aspects: the first point: in most of the display applications, the screen display unit area is larger, the power consumption, the greater the stability of wire electrical also have higher requirements. Many wire products, used to meet the requirements of national standard wire to ensure the safe stability, it requires three things: wire core line of copper conductive carrier, core area of tolerance values in the standard range, package line core rubber insulation and flame retardancy to reach standard, compared with general copper clad aluminum wire core, wire core smaller cross-sectional area, insulation rubber grade wire rod, electric performance is more stable, not easy to short circuit happens; The second point: by the power of the UL products is the best choice when choosing a similar products, its effective conversion can guarantee safety and stability of power load, the external environment temperature hot cases, also can work normally; The third point: in the material aspect of the outer protective structure display, high fire rating display on the market are mostly adopt fire prevention aluminum-plastic plate, its excellent fire resistance, fire retardant sex is extremely strong, core material is special oxygen aging resistance is strong, melting point temperature 135 ℃, decomposition temperature of 300 ℃ or higher, environmental performance, low smoke zero halogen, in line with the SGS, flame retardant - B S1, d0, t0, reference use UL94 standard, GB / 8624 - 2006. General outdoor display products of aluminum-plastic plate with high temperature, the rain cold and hot shock aging faster, in the more humid climate season, the rain easily into the screen body internal cause short-circuit fire electronic components; Fourth: display of fire prevention materials and an important part, it is plastic package, plastic package is mainly the unit module mask pan the use of materials, the main use of raw material is glass fiber material, which has the function of flame retardant PC with flame retardant function not only, more can when under high and low temperature, and long-term use, not deformation, not brittle cracking, combined with good sealing glue used at the same time, can effectively block the external environment of rainwater in internal that cause a short circuit fire. In addition to the raw material can affect the fire prevention effect of internal and external configuration and design also is very important, but the external configuration mainly involve the fireproof problem of heat dissipation, at the same time in the display screen work will configure fan on the screen body internal heat cooling and air conditioning, every eight Suggestions 10 square 1 p air conditioning assembly, maintain normal temperature screen body temperature, and air conditioning or fan configuration does not reach the designated position will cause uneven cooling treatment, easy to cause the screen caused by temperature ascend body internal security hidden danger. At the same time, many LED companies in the enclosure protection grade test, simply to simulate the spray in the external environment of waterproof test, waterproof effect on the durability and strength to research, so cause the display products use after a period of time will have water seepage happens, this is outdoor display easy to fire or short service life of the important reasons. When dealing with the thunderstorm weather, lightning arrester screen device is also avoid lightning trueshot and burn out an essential tool for screen inside device, can be directly to thunder into the ground, and will not affect the screen body. Above all belong to display the internal reason, of course, we also cannot ignore after-sales service in the process of man-made factors, such as in the follow-up maintenance work, the operator does not operate according to the strict process flow for homework ( Module screws have no matter, wire polarity reverse, homework legacy conductive objects, etc. ) , easy to cause fire. Similarly, in the lighting industry, the main cause of the fire is also due to the installation position is not appropriate or materials used, etc. , to prevent the lighting lamps and lanterns is the main measures of the fire is the distance between strict control and fuel, standard installation and insulation protection. The Hong Kong hotel display the exact cause of a fire incident has yet to be research, but also not to Hong Kong for this incident of the LED display application hold negative attitude, while the industry standard has not been established, but the industry is doing better LED enterprises still have a lot, such as shenzhen chau Ming technology display products has won the British BS476 test center of construction material flame retardant fire test, the international certification standard is the LED display products in the industry leader, we should be keeping up with the leading model of enterprise, with high quality, YanGuiGe to request oneself, to guide the healthy development of industry, so as to promote the industry's international competitiveness, towards internationalization. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the LED display industry continues to high-speed growth, industry scale, new technology constantly, the guarantee of product quality to promote the brand to create a company and its long-term development, the enterprise must pay attention to product quality to survive, rather than the pursuit of profit maximization.
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