Exterior wall LED electronic display at pavilion dramatic shape

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
At the pavilion exterior electronic advertising screen, walls are all made of the full color LED display components, its modelling attention getter. Breathed into at pavilion, culture. 'At pavilion was built is really a beautiful atmosphere, so bright! 'On November 17, to participate in the poyang lake international ecological culture festival of builders stop to appreciate in front of the hall at the hall. Hall at the four walls are produced by four large full color LED display, looks very spectacular, attention getter. At pavilion full color LED display wall is playing at the propaganda of the expansion, a lot of people stopped and watched with relish. At pavilion construction manager, according to internal exhibition hall at the main points at 'culture', 'energy at', 'ecological at' three sections, let people to visit each perception at past and present. 'Culture at' highlight 'tiangong culture' as the core at the regional and cultural features, and shows China's fifth largest embroidery - - - - - - - 'Summer embroidered' representative works, and embroidered niang embroidery and interactive live shows. 'Energy at' shows at giant with the tiangong open content from science writing, solar evolution process, the city of the world. 'Ecological at' shows at the beautiful natural scenery and abundant tourism resources.
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