Factors influencing the glass curtain wall LED display price?

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
Have a type glass curtain wall LED display screen, it is widely used in commercial buildings, shopping centers and other large construction on the building, and wide praise market. Glass LED display can be flexible customization based on the characteristics of architectural environment, delicate and beautiful modelling, permeability is strong, light weight, good concealment. Glass LED display is a branch of the LED display market, a lot of people is not very understanding, below small make up will affect the price of glass curtain wall LED display and you talk about the things. Pixel pitch: pixel pitch refers to the glass used in building decoration in the LED display screen screen lights, the spacing between the measuring unit is typically used mm or by P, such as the LED glass screen pixel spacing for P10, said screen light bead is the spacing between 10 mm. Pixel spacing is smaller, the unit square pixel density is higher, the more clear picture, the better, but the lamp bead amount per unit area is increased, rising costs. Appearance design: around the building glass curtain wall structure differences, glass curtain wall lLED screen can customize product according to the construction site environment and customer demand design the size and shape. Which contains the curtain wall decoration design and curtain wall installation operation planning work, manufacturers need to the length of the article used the lamp, body size and shape corresponding to the design, during which the consumption of resources to form the cost of production of glass curtain wall LED display. Three, function of form a complete set of equipment: in addition to the above two factors, functions and form a complete set of equipment used in the glass curtain wall LED display is also the key factors that affect the price. With the continuous development of urban economy, the curtain wall LED display in the modern urban architecture and landscape decoration plays an increasingly important role.
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