What is maintenance of LED display?
When speaking of maintenance of LED screens, we usually refer to the front and rear maintenance method.
Front Maintenance
One distinctive character of front maintenance is its being space-saving. For most indoor LED displays and inlaying-installed LED displays, saving space means everything. And front maintenance type screen has an ultra slim structure. This type of display usually has very high requirement in heat dissipation ability.
Rear Maintenance
LED displays produced are usually designed with back doors. That's what we called rear maintenance type. Rear maintenance is convenient to outdoor spectaculars and some other installations. Usually there will be a back-end passage for technicians to check and fix the LED display.
Price LED Display Screen LED
The cost or price of LED Display Screen depends on two variables. Those two variables are the total size of the LED screen, and the total resolution of the LED screen.
1.The prices are based on USD/SQM, which means that if the total size is 30SQM, the price will be 30 multiplied by the cost per SQM. The larger the LED Display Screen the higher the price.
2.The total resolution of the screen: The more pixels, the screen has the higher the cost will be. This is because more LED will be placed onto the screen which is a higher cost.
Everything depends on the client’s needs. If you want to know what are our prices per square meter please let us know and give us a call, or contact us by writing an email or online chat. We can send you our prices and you can figure out what will be the right size and right resolution for your LED Display Screen that fits your budget.
What's the minimum order quantity?
Standard products: 40PCS;
Customized products: 1000PCS
LED video displays LED
LED video displays give you the power to communicate, to motivate, and to entertain.
LED video displays are seen to be sited for Outdoor advertising, for events like sporting events in stadium and arena, for staging and mobile display etc.
The features of LED video display include high resolution with virtual pixel technology, advanced LED video displays have 200% more pixels than traditional LED Displays for LED video Displays. With more display pixels, you can show more details and information, or simply a better video quality.
This larger dynamic range helps Act One displays show more details on dark scenes, and smoother, more brilliant colors for all videos and pictures.
LED video displays are modularly designed so that they can be easily maintained. They can be configured into customized sizes and width/height ratios with the combination of modules. The modular design also makes LED video displays easy to setup and dismantle, and therefore perfect for staging applications.
How long it will take for goods preparation until it is ready to ship?
GKGD’s standard modules normally take 1-3 days while cabinets normally take 2 weeks after the down payment.
What brands of driver IC and LED lamp are commonly used in GKGD’s modules?
Chipone and SM are the driver IC suppliers. GKGD does the LED packaging itself, thus, without specially assigned, GKGD own brand LEDs are used.
How long is the warranty period of modules? What if there are problems with modules during the warranty period?
Normally the warranty period of the module is one year. During the warranty period, GKGD will take the whole responsibility by replacement if module’s malfunction occurs and it is not repairable on-side.
What is the scale of production of GKGD Group?
The Group has 7 fully automation manufacturing subsidiaries adhere together and sustain the group as the leader in industries of LED encapsulation, LED Lighting, LED Screen & Display, and end-product fixtures.
What is M and H standing for in GKGD’s product series?
In GKGD product series, M stands for “medium”, describing products with medium refresh rate, typically 1920 Hz; H stands for “high”, describing products with high refresh rate, typically 3840 Hz.
What kind of certificate has GKGD obtained?
GKGD obtains such certificates as CE, RoHS, FCC, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, CQC, CCC, ……, etc.
What product category does GKGD has?
GKGD has 3 product series in total: indoor full color modules, outdoor full color modules, and single color modules. All of them adopt SMD LEDs.
What kind of service does GKGD provide?
Apart from providing products with great reliability, GKGD also provides its customers with remote technical support. 24 hours online service is also available.
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