Five factors restricting the outdoor LED electronic display advertising market

by:GKGD     2021-05-21

With the continuous development of technology, outdoor LED electronic display screens have become more and more widely used, especially in the outdoor advertising market, which is unstoppable like a flood. According to the survey data of China's outdoor advertising market by well-known domestic research institutions in recent years, my country's outdoor advertising market continued to maintain a steady growth in 2015, an increase of 26.2% over 2014 (including traditional and various new outdoor advertising). Except for the traditional single display outdoor media, which fell by 7% and the bus mobile TV dropped by 32.6%, other outdoor media have experienced growth in varying degrees. Building LCD advertising increased by 27%; LED electronic display screens reached a growth of 55.6%, and the airport outdoor growth rate was as high as 39%. Business services, post and telecommunications, entertainment and leisure, transportation and beverages are still the five main industries of outdoor advertising, all of which have maintained steady growth. In addition, outdoor advertising such as real estate, electronics and personal products has grown significantly.

With the development and progress of technology, digital outdoor has gradually become the mainstream. Now outdoor advertising pays more attention to content creativity, technology leadership and interactive experience. With the improvement of mobile payment-related supporting fields, outdoor media will finally realize the function of guiding sales, thereby driving product sales.

Although my country’s outdoor LED electronic display advertising market has achieved rapid development, there are still five factors restricting the further development of the industry in the market at present:

First, the LED market is chaotic.

The disordered state of competition in the current outdoor LED advertising market is extremely obvious. Although some large-scale enterprises with high technical level and well-made products produce excellent quality, the cost is high and the price is high, and many small and medium-sized enterprises In order to gain more market share, a large number of low-quality products have to be produced, which has caused the phenomenon of'bad money driving out good money' in the entire industry.

Second, the urban advertising planning is disorderly.

As the country’s urbanization continues to advance, outdoor advertising is gradually expanding to second- and third-tier cities, but the random setting of outdoor advertising in major cities still occurs from time to time. Not only did it destroy the harmony and beauty of the city’s environment, but it was also easier to trigger large-scale rectification by relevant government departments. At the same time, the advertising company’s own operations during this period were also greatly affected.

Third, the fragmentation of outdoor advertising companies.

The fragmentation of the operation of outdoor advertising companies is very serious, and the state of regional disorganization urgently needs to be further improved. Many outdoor advertising companies have a single type of media resources, lack of scale and network, and cannot effectively integrate media. To meet the needs of multimedia communication in the Internet age.

Fourth, the industry standardization system is not sound.

The domestic outdoor advertising industry norms and a unified evaluation system for various media have not yet been established and perfected, which has led to the lack of professional data guidance and scientific post-release effects of major companies in the industry. Evaluation. At the same time, the irregularities in the industry have led to chaotic market quotations, chaotic discount systems, and black-box operations, which not only hurt the reputation and operations of many companies, but also caused great harm to the healthy development of the entire industry.

Fifth, enterprises lack innovation.

Due to the vicious competition of 'low cost and price war' in the industry market and the lack of innovative spirit. However, many companies have low service quality, insufficient use of new technologies, new materials, and new processes, and lack of service guarantees. As a result, companies have extensive operations and are unable to effectively meet the needs of advertisers.

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