Five steps LED display installation and video tutorial

by:GKGD     2020-04-24
Led large screen is a kind of flat panel display, made up of small led panel module. The classification of led large screen display varied, generally can be divided into indoor, outdoor and half outside. Can be seen everywhere in our daily life, the , here small make up will explain to you the installation method. Installation step one: the casing outside the splice assembly frame, and cutting good profile is pieced together, general profiles on the market basically has square and round, but the assembly method is the same. 1 installation step 2: fixed unit board. Place the unit board within the framework ( Pay attention to the positive and negative framework, slotted side is positive) The position of the article, then install the back must be quite accurate, or we'll reinstall from the very beginning. 2. Article back after a fixed frame can be removed, start installing magnet. 3. Magnets after the installation, the closed frame, let the magnet and article back to absorb, unit plate fixed work is completed. Installation step 3: connect the ribbon cable and power cord installation step four: up and down the fixed power supply and control card power and unit board wiring, need to pay attention to is negative, it is recommended to use SVV2 * 1. 0 soft core, which is 1 square twin soft core. Installation step five: control card connected to the unit board wiring installation full color LED display video tutorial
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