Focus on 3, 15, 2) LED display companies how to talk about 'spirit'

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
Another year 3, 15! As the saying goes 'consumer is god', anti-counterfeiting is king! Today, the impact of annual conference. As a member of the LED display industry, the most attention is the LED display of the 'mask', in the face of not only pit is a miracle of more pit LED display fakes, international fraud, we refuse to cover up, face to face with the industry quality criticism and accident black history! LED display industry is an urgent need to 'spirit' in the face of the LED display industry for quality problems, LED display enterprises have to face up to, why LED display industry product quality is uneven, the prohibition and numerous unsafe accident? To sum up, the product quality and manufacturing process, which is the lifeblood of LED full color, to ensure the quality of products, realize the LED display project of normal use for a long time, must do fine production, ensure each production link, do the various maintenance, it's always 'spirit' of manufacturing industry has been mentioned in! Spirit is one of the important cultural heritage of the Chinese culture, have many 'craftsman idol' since ancient times, such as the ruban, has been hailed as a carpenter, the ancestors of China it is the presence of these extremely outstanding craftsman, the ancient Chinese wood production industry so well. It embodies the spirit of craftsman in practical industrial significance, that is only focus on seriously, repeatedly hone, can achievement outstanding works. In contemporary China, the government proposed the 'made in China 2025' strategic plan, the purpose is to realize the manufacturing country to the shift of manufacturing power, reflected in the core values is to require people to have 'dedication' spirit, and this is the essence of spirit. As two sessions in 2017, the government work report put forward: to encourage enterprises to carry out the personalized customization, flexible production, cultivating strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in increasing variety, quality, creates the brand. Under this, many industry began to attach importance to 'spirit', for shenzhen LED display industry, before the product quality and frequent accidents, deepening the concept of 'spirit', the practice of craftsmen already is urgently needed.
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