Focus on 3, 15 jie LED display mask! ( A)

by:GKGD     2020-04-10
Another year 3, 15! As the saying goes 'consumer is god', anti-counterfeiting is king! Today, the impact of annual conference. As a member of the LED display industry, the most attention is the LED display of the 'mask', in the face of not only pit is a miracle of more pit LED display fakes, international fraud, we refuse to cover up, face to face with the industry quality criticism and accident black history! Quality: 1, light bead short life color death light rate is high in shenzhen LED display industry, under normal circumstances, the manufacturer in the products will pass strict inspection before they go out confirmation do die lamp. But due to the factory in the raw material selection, packaging technology and electrostatic protection on issues such as the degree of control is differ, there will inevitably be LED display also died lamp, the lamp bead life is short, unable to meet the use requirements of panel length of time, high calorific value, quick color, attenuation, once the screen body formed large area death will seriously influence the display effect and the life of LED display, black screen, screen phenomenon. 2, inferior power overload operation failure frequently LED display screen inferior power is usually conducted on materials, which reduce the material cost to obtain higher profits, however, due to the power supply, people cannot use the naked eye from the power supply packaging distinguish good or bad, in the process of using cheap materials will cause the power supply insufficient heat dissipation, overstretched, leading to frequent LED display all kinds of fault, and even cause LED display hot fire accident. 3, the manufacturing process of PCB material quality is poor LED display PCB material inferior, copper clad slants thin, unreasonable design also is a big LED display product quality problems. PCB manufacturing copper wire has poor will burr, phenomenon easy to cause a short circuit, become the source of fire hazard. 4, wire rod quality safety coefficient is low at present, LED full-color displays on the market of wire material is uneven, some companies to cut corners, spool used copper clad aluminum, seemingly copper wire from the outside, but in fact is the aluminum alloy wire, this line once used in LED display products, not safety factor will greatly improve, seriously affect the normal use of LED display. , of course, in addition to the LED full color of raw materials, manufacturing process and the products of a series of questions, in recent years, LED full color caused by some of the major accidents are eye-popping, even LED display enterprise gradually attaches great importance to the production process and the project safety, but we still gnawing LED display accident. Back in 2016 up to now, the LED display industry erupted numerous accidents, it is warning every LED people, low-end LED display manufacturing hurt himself and will gradually end!
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