For your description: the characteristics of the LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
The characteristics of the LED display: compared with other large screen display, LED display mainly has the following characteristics: screen size but can small, can do 300 m2. · Angle is large, indoor screen Angle is greater than the plus or minus 60 degrees, outdoor screen Angle is greater than the plus or minus 25 degrees. · stadia by selecting different diameter and differences from product to adjust, small to a few centimeters, big to a few hundred meters all can meet the requirements, the minimum diameter can be 1 mm. , flexible configuration, digital display, simple to the complex to full color video there are different kinds of products can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor have corresponding products. Easy and computer interface, is rich in supporting software. Magnetic flap LED display types and their advantages and disadvantages: low power response is slow, can't show video, high TV wall full color separation line failure rate, low brightness, is not suitable for representing text, cannot be used in outdoor cast shadow full color, delicate picture brightness is low, cannot be used in outdoor, clarity is poor ( Images by light uneven) CRT full color cost is high, the power consumption big PDP full color, picture is exquisite, cost is high, the area is not too big, the common large screen full color LED display its performance.
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