Four indicators affecting the service life of LED electronic display key

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
A, the four indicators affecting the service life of the LED electronic display key 1. Peripheral parts besides LED devices, LED electronic display also use many other peripheral parts, any a component appear problem, can lead to the life of the screen. So, display the longest life is decided by the key components of the short-lived life. 2, LED light-emitting device LED light-emitting device is display is also related to the life the most the most critical parts. For the LED, mainly the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability properties, resistance to ultraviolet prevention performance. If shenzhen manufacturer for the led indicators of performance evaluation of the device does not pass, is applied to the display screen, can cause a lot of quality accident, serious impact on the life span of the led electronic display screen. 3. The fatigue resistance of LED electronic display products of anti-fatigue performance, depends on the production process. Poor anti-corrosion treatment technology to produce module to guarantee the anti-fatigue performance of changes in temperature and humidity, protective circuit board surface will appear crack, led to the decrease of the protective performance. 4, the influence of work environment for different purposes, the screen working conditions differ in thousands ways. From the aspects of environment, the indoor temperature difference is small, no rain and snow and ultraviolet radiation; Outdoor temperature can reach 70 degrees, and the wind or sunshine. Harsh environment will aggravate the ageing of the display, working environment is one of the important factors affecting the service life of the display. Second, the life of the security measures as you can see, the life of the full color LED display is, which is closely linked with the use environment for environment variables can determine the screen, you can select appropriate devices with proper production process to ensure that the life span, the process includes: life design, process control, reliability test and verify. 1, general design focus on functionality designed service life, performance index, design also pay close attention to life after a certain time or certain use of performance indicators. The output of the design will affect the selection of components, the selection of production process and the selection of authentication methods. Only the full design life, the life of the screen is likely to be manageable. 2, focus on the process control of life to achieve effective design need effective process. Product realization process, a lot of links to process control, including the selection of devices and the validation process, including the effectiveness of the production process control, etc. , the difference in the quality control program, the control process is to focus on the long life. 3, high strength reliability validation promotes the use of high strength reliability validation to ensure that the output product life can be expected, this includes the validation for raw materials, parts and products in process of final validation, it is very important and often overlooked.
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