From another Angle to see both these hot unexpectedly caught LED display the lifeblood of enterprises! ( 2)

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
Two hot topics emerge in endlessly, in 2017 as the shenzhen LED display, full color LED display, LED display, LED full color industry, do you know what is hot in this year's two sessions is closely related to us? A 'spirit', promote manufacturing LED enterprise development into the era of 'quality' two sessions, premier li keqiang stressed in the government work report, enterprises will comprehensively improve the quality level, strengthen the total quality management, improve the quality of superior bad discard competition mechanism; To vigorously carry forward the spirit, culture, strengthen the craftsmen fulfill ethics and cultivate numerous 'craftsmen in China'. This is the first time the government work report mentioned 'spirit', and the original intention and purpose, is 'creating more famous in the world of Chinese brands, to promote China's economic development into the era of quality. 'Manufacturing is the essential quality of manufacture,' spirit '. As technology advances, the 'made in China' is not synonymous with cheap, inferior already, however, full-color LED display screen industry in China is still not completely get rid of bad hat. As is known to all, after the LED display industry malignant competition seriously, part of the small screen companies in order to pursue interests, often ignore the product quality, lead to the good and bad are intermingled of industry products, or even caused many of the subsequent problems. It is because the lack of standard LED display industry, causes the enterprise did not product quality standard, so there are a number of enterprises in recent years in standard form, to promote the industry including the standardization of business model, standard LED display modules, box, etc. , promote the development of the industry benign situation. With rational consumers, for the product quality requirements also more and more high, this will also LED display industry has transformed from pricing of low-level struggle to product quality and brand contest, preliminary into the era of 'quality', which means that the LED display construction enterprise product quality and brand building will be more important. Second, for innovation 'digging the fertilization' LED enterprises are the 'soul' of life during the two sessions, xi jinping pointed out that innovation is the first in the development of leading power. Grasp innovation is development, seeks the innovation is the future. And, recently, science and technology deputy secretary of the CPC leading group and zhigang wang also said that the 2017 science and technology system reform will focus on 'implementation' and 'bear', the reform of the top-level design and system deployment, into concrete action to promote work and actual effect. While innovation is common of science and technology, system and system innovation, is the innovation of the 'public entrepreneurship has innovation', is closely related to national, corporate and individual. In today's LED full color industry, screen companies representing the suicide without innovation. 2017 LED display industry reshuffle is growing competition, many large and medium-sized enterprises to rely on the abundant technical strength constantly adapt to the market demand introduced a series of new products, won the good market for enterprise development. Although at present the industry innovation slows, some breakthrough technology innovation is relatively rare, more companies are focused on practical innovation and structure innovation products. But in fact, no matter which aspects of the innovation, LED display companies only walked in the way of innovation can promote enterprise development and improvement of the industry. Companies in such industry under the situation of screen lists to innovation, not innovation of enterprises can only be eliminated in the competition. Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, the New Year in the proceedings of the national innovation under the guidance and the support, LED display enterprise should increase investment in research and development, attach importance to innovation can bring great rewards for the enterprise.
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