From another Angle to see both these hot unexpectedly caught LED display the lifeblood of enterprises, 3)

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
Two hot topics emerge in endlessly, in 2017 as the shenzhen LED display, full color LED display, LED display, LED full color industry, do you know what is hot in this year's two sessions is closely related to us? LED display become one, create 'wisdom city' wisdom 'to be bestowed favor on newly' as two sessions, delegates from all over the world, make recommendations about 'wisdom city' think 'wisdom city' construction is a huge project, the need to improve the urban security, such as underground utility tunnel construction, and the wisdom cannot rush, fragmented urban construction, scientific planning, overall consideration. Through nearly two years, 'wisdom city' as well as many industrial development has brought new opportunities for development, as a result of the unique display function of the LED display and intelligent control can help build wisdom city solution, build intelligent monitoring, this makes LED display the wisdom of the city 'to be bestowed favor on newly'. 2016 is LED full color of the first year of the outbreak of the small spacing, along with the popularity of small spacing between technology and mass production is realized, with intelligent cloud platform into family and outdoor areas or will form a trend. In the future, with intelligent control function of the LED display system with implanted into the forefront of intelligent system, management is not only a function of a single screen, whether it's 'wisdom city', according to the outdoor intelligent or some indoor display application of science and technology, the LED display screen has certain feasibility and can meet the 'wisdom city' security monitoring, intelligent city management, cloud platform of intelligent functions such as data processing. Has LED display leading enterprises began to layout development solutions, 'wisdom city' in the 'wisdom city', driven by a growing number of LED companies will focus on construction of city security, small spacing monitoring program, the wisdom of the solution. Under the development of intelligent LED display products, intelligent LED display products and intelligent solutions will become a new star of the 'wisdom city'. More than two, made 'smart' geothermal expansion has hold screen companies upgrade is not just a dream in place on the two sessions this year, made 'smart' popular geothermal holds more. It is presumed that the future of our country manufacturing industry in eastern central steering high-end equipment manufacturing, industrial upgrading, western advantage industry breakthrough 'new three pole' pattern is expected to accelerate molding, while intelligent manufacturing become the new breakthrough for manufacturing. In addition to the pilot city of work, the ministry will also be in the 2017 revision and improvement of 'made in China 2025' points and guide, guide the local differentiation development and reasonable layout of productivity in key areas. China's LED industry gathered in guangdong, under the impetus of the 'smart' made, LED display industry from traditional manufacturing to high-end manufacturing is possible. For now, LED display manufacturers have transfer from traditional artificial to high-end automatic machine manufacturing, enterprise capacity sharply rise, use machine production to save a large amount of manpower and material resources. Previously, the provinces distributed manufacturing 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' development planning, LED display companies also get a lot of policy support, high-volume production has been achieved. LED full-color displays 'unmanned' and 'automation' production, promote the intelligent manufacturing, if build 'industrial' Internet platform, so, LED display companies made 'smart' will set up a new milestone, screen enterprise expansion upgrade is no longer a problem. Is worthy of our face, however, the Chinese LED display manufacturing enterprise intelligence is in the way of primary, most companies can only achieve semi-automatic production, fully rely on automated production enterprise rare, therefore, made 'smart' LED display Chinese companies also need time to practice, using the Internet to enterprise production technology, to promote enterprise intelligent products built or will be real 'smart' made a breakthrough.
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