From another Angle to see both these hot unexpectedly caught LED display the lifeblood of enterprises! ( A)

by:GKGD     2020-04-13
Is the annual two sessions of the national people's most attention of one of the big event. The two sessions is the window of the reform and development of perspective, is the bridge connecting public opinion, is the country's overall work each year set the tone of the will. During this time will often produce collision and hot spot of many points of view. To greet the 19 big victory party congress in 2017 is an important year, is the key to the implementation of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning. Therefore, two sessions in 2017 is more than usual. So far, two hot topics emerge in endlessly, as the LED display industry, do you know what is hot in this year's two sessions is closely related to us? These topics and what are the effects to shenzhen LED display industry? Below we together to discuss: one, the 'real economy' cost reduction LED companies will focus on cost controls the industrial manufacturing is the important pillar of the national economy, the upgrade is to realize the development of 'city of China'. With the deepening of the concept of 'made in China 2025', enhance the competitiveness of the real economy is a common responsibility of the manufacturing enterprises in China. At present, the economic development of our country has entered the new normal, regression and foreign manufacturing, reduce the cost of the real economy to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but today the enterprise tax burden overweight, the current situation of the overall operating costs on the high side there is no fundamental change, financing difficult financing problems still exist. To further accelerate the reform of tax system, standardize administrative charges, to reduce the cost of corporate finance, employment, taxes and fees to the entity enterprise lightly has become a hot topic of the two sessions this year. About tax, Treasury had responded to capture to expend more problems, the Treasury will also work with related departments to further clear the specifications enterprises to collect fees, cancellation, adjust and standardize the another batch of administrative fees project and standard. Experts say the burden of enterprises is not only of taxes and fees, solve the enterprise burden should also be combined with cost reduction. To reduce costs is the eternal theme of enterprises, but the problem now is very important and urgent, especially for Chinese LED display companies into small profit era, due to the rapid growth in the economic environment of the whole into the new normal, labor, raw materials, energy and other factors of production is greater than the growth of enterprises to promote the efficiency of production, enterprise cost pressure increases year by year, full-color LED display screen, small and medium enterprises survival pressure. Upstream raw materials continue to rise in price, and 2017 LED chip manufacturers have an increase in the price of the product, has LED display manufacturers have raised prices, LED display industry reshuffle, business failures mode is about to open. Therefore, unceasingly explores the ways of cost reduction is LED display enterprises save a controlled way. Growth slowed in the real economy, the LED display industry competition intensifies, screen enterprise should put the enterprise cost control in the important position, should better use of the 'real economy' cost reduction opportunity to strengthen enterprise management, promote enterprise internal resources integration and cost optimization, in the fierce competition in the survival and development. Second, the 'area' strategy layout so it is urgent to deepen LED enterprises to 'go out' today Beijing time 12 o 'clock, in the twelfth session of the fifth meeting of the National People's Congress press conference, foreign minister wang yi a reporter asked about foreign policy and external relations, is one of the focuses of the media 'neighbourhood' all the way to resolve problem, he pointed out that Mr Xi President put forward the 'area' initiative for more than three years, cooperation blossom, effect is rapid, the rest of the world, has become the most popular international public goods, also a panorama of the best international cooperation platform at present. Full color LED industry, of course, also under the influence of 'area', under the support of policy, in recent years, the Chinese LED display outside companies less number, in addition to the LED display domestic leading enterprises, some small and medium-sized enterprises through project or joint acquisition way abroad. Relevant data show that in 2016 China LED key field product export 'area' market for 73. $7. 1 billion, accounts for the LED key areas of products are exported to 20. 38%. Thus, China's LED industry pattern of 'going out' has been preliminary forming, LED display enterprises can use 'One Belt And One Road policy abroad,' to the world. Be worth what carry is, under the support of 'all the neighbourhood' policy, the domestic many enterprises competition is deepening, the policy to the LED display companies more opportunity to 'go out', but should not be ignored is that more enterprises in the LED display, layout of the foreign market also needs to improve enterprise's brand value, LED display detect batch sales is the era of the past, only to strengthen the enterprise strength, brand and technology innovation to gain a foothold in the tide of international competition, promote China's LED industry's international standing.
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