Full color large electronic display knowledge of installation

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
Just contact to large electronic display, half will feel a hindrance, grope for half a day can't find the right way to install, sometimes even to find large electronic display installation method is also put don't open hands and feet to get. Therefore, the following LED electronic display manufacturers to large electronic display installation steps are summarized. Large electronic display hardware installation steps: 1, insert the DVI display card motherboard AGP socket, and then set the driver; 2, the data card inserted into the motherboard PDI socket ( This is a data card users) ; 3, install the above two controls of DVI and AGP linked together; 4, the control line connected to the Rs232 serial port; 5, with cables are connected to the receiving card; Specific article number according to the engineering drawings; 6, check the connection and correct Settings can be made or on electrical debugging. Large electronic display device software installation method is as follows: 1, the graphics card driver installation insert graphics card driver CD drive, can be automatically entered into a state of device, please follow the instructions; The first device DirectX8. 1 then install driver; The device control panel. 2, shown special player software device screen and set up software LED studio, or other control software; Insert with the screen attached to the application software CD drive, copied or installed all of the order to the computer. 3, debugging, led electronic display screen after the completion of installation is successful. Other precautions: 1) Check all wiring way are correct, including high voltage part of the connection ( Elv part has been completed in production test) Signal connection is correct, the main direction for the system to receive card input and output is correct, has direction signal receiving card. 2) System connection is correct ( Please read instructions) system 3) Computer software part whether to complete the installation, including graphics Settings ( Please read the graphics card setup instructions) And control software installation. Note 1, abide by the 'user manual' of the operating steps; 2, moisture, humidity requirement is: the highest working temperature, the LED display should be less than three, temperature, relative humidity is 92%, appropriate temperature requirements for: - working environment temperature 20? C≤t≤80 ? C - storage environment temperature 40? C≤t≤60吗? C 4, power supply must conform to the requirements of the LED display power supply voltage: 220 v? : 10% frequency 50 hz? 5% safe earth contact reliable, reliable ground wire from the zero line, plugged into a power supply from high power electric device.
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