Full color LED display screen has a lot of factors including the following quotation

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
LED full-color displays offer many factors including the following: 1: full color LED display screen. The cost of LED display screen project with a total investment of more than 70%, the screen body is made up of display module, power supply, housing, platoon line of the power cord. 2: control system. Divided into synchronous and asynchronous control two kinds. Asynchronous control found in single and double color full color LED display, synchronous control applied in the field of LED full-color displays. 3: full color LED display accessories. Is the most basic parts: computer ( Desktop computers) , air conditioning, Heat dissipation is very important) , lightning arrester, power distribution cabinets, audio power amplifier ( Optional) , multi-function card ( Can automatically adjust the physical data display brightness temperature, and humidity) , video processor ( Optional) And so on. 4: the steel structure framework. LED general installation way is divided into: stick a wall, floor, Mosaic, pillar and the roof type. And are all steel structure to fixed. Especially large , for security reasons, very tall to the requirement of steel structure, steel structure based framework is second only to the screen cost body parts. 5: installation cost etc. The final step is to screen installation and debugging, this can ask the local construction company and team.
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