Full color LED display screen market outbreak era!

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
In the past two years, with the development of technology, expanding the application of in the market, expanding the size of the market, in order to dodge market, industry price war, channel, capital, led screen increasing competition between enterprises, many enterprises adjust strategies to actively cope with the current market environment, differentiation diversification development become one of the features of the current industry, the future more business by market segment in the world to highlight its own brand advantages, looking for new way out. LED full-color display niche important role with its brand-new visual experience and application experience, with the unique way of display and light design, high-end atmospheric science and technology, in which occupies a place, and with the development of The Times, in the current urban curtain wall construction, new advertising present, landscape expo, store awning and other fields has a unique advantage, coruscate gives new display image, and gradually aroused people's concern, market opportunities. Shenzhen LED full color in the city mall application community in 2017, is China's efforts to promote wisdom plays an important role in the building of the city for a year, 'innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing' concept, the development of big data, Internet + Internet of things such as the wisdom for the future urban concept will give new connotation, at the same time, new urban image construction arises at the historic moment, more and more of the shenzhen LED full color product appeared in the new city each corner, commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4 s shop, window there is glass, are transparent LED screen market, and building lighting project, the transparent glass screen may be replaced by LED display screen, and in the process of new wisdom cities update, will get more extensive application. Shenzhen LED full color mass market still need to solve the problem of the huge potential market, the LED market is supposed to present a transparent panel hot, yet we are the 'beautiful' at the mall, market performance in nearly two years of LED full color has a larger development, but still is tepid, investigate its reason, or by the LED product characteristics of transparent, we know that the custom is still the characteristics of the full color LED display, its product cycle is long, the production cost is higher also, and because the LED transparent screen generally need to adapt themselves to the installation environment, and gives special creative needs, its mass production tend to be more difficult, in addition, the LED into the commercial transparent screen to a broader market, the permeability of the hd display, product development trend, the traditional 'point spacing technology', mainly LED how transparent screen in keeping the product appear a rate, break through the LED display of high-definition display, is still a long way to go. Notable is, 2016 MicroLED fermentation technology, ultra-high resolution display in LED display field provides the development route, in the future, with MicroLED technology for breakthrough in the development of transparent LED screen is worth exploring and expectation, but also in theory from the OLED transparent transparent part of the market share in the future, but still worth looking forward to. Shenzhen LED full color LED to a new form of advertising present outdoor advertising is a large application market of LED display in shenzhen, the traditional mainly include outdoor billboards, large-scale outdoor advertising light boxes, posters and outdoor LED display, such as form, its advertising form is relatively simple and content single play, there are some security issues, with the wisdom of the city construction, some traditional advertising style in some areas with function application gradually appear inappropriate, vogue and advanced technology of transparent LED display rapid rise in the new image of the city, become the object of many advertisers concern. In addition, the traditional advertising screen is generally not pervious to light, and due to the choice of material and product technology, general advertising screen of the weight is bigger also, on the daylighting of the advertising area space is very large, but also to support bearing put forward higher requirements, especially in the field of outdoor screen dominant LED display, the display area can run thousands of tens of thousands of square meters, the weight of the display body is easy to go up, and because of its high lamp bead brightness of LED display, extremely easy to cause light pollution, LED the transparent panel pervious to light quality, quality of a material is frivolous, precisely to avoid these deficiencies by traditional screen. Visible transparent screen in wisdom city advertising application, showed great market application.
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