Full color LED display screen the whole not bright cause analysis

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
Controller under the condition of setting and connected properly, and sometimes LED full-color displays the whole screen is not bright, this is what causes? How do you trying to solve? Shenzhen LED display manufacturer 'union photoelectric co. , LTD. ' don't think full color LED display screen the whole bright at six reasons: 1, the data line problem: cable loose or fall off the whole screen is not bright. 2, the screen body power problems: the whole screen power supply problems lead to not all bright, give the first receiving card power supply 5 v power supply problems will lead to receive card does not work, can also lead to the entire screen is not bright; 3, receiving card problem: linked to send card first receive CARDS appear problem, can lead to the full color LED display screen the whole not bright; 4, graphics problem: video card caused damage or interface relaxation data cannot be collected; Video card broken cause the failure of data acquisition and sending; 5, send a card problem: send card damage cause data cannot accept or send. 6, computer software problems: LED control software reset, the computer firewall limit control software to use, will appear this kind of problem. That is the most common cause of full color LED the whole screen is not bright, from the most basic, step by step further. If still cannot solve the problem can be directly to contact your after sales services to LED display manufacturers.
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